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How aerial work platform hire is growing its reach with better safety features than ever before

Aerial work platform hire in London is only safe if those who use the aerial work platforms are trained and up to date with the latest safety measures that should be followed to keep themselves, and those around them, safe. Whilst cherry pickers, boom lifts and scissor lift have been around a while, the aerial work platform hire industry is constantly looking at ways to make equipment safer, more robust, more environmentally friendly and more accessible.

Many aerial work platforms are fitted with systems designed to remove the risk of an operator being crushed by overhead obstructions or knocked from the platform or basket.

SiOPS is just one of the solutions developed to remove this risk. Fitted to many Niftylifts, including our Niftylift HR15 and our Niftylift HR17N. SiOPS stands for Sustained involuntary Operation System. It cuts power to the aerial work platform when it detects the operator being pushed over the controls in the event that the cage moves too close to a steel bar or beam, forcing the operator to lean forward.

Another way that powered access manufacturers are protecting operators is by using systems such as SanctuaryZone. With SanctuaryZone, a steel frame projects high above the machine platform, preventing overhead obstructions from crushing the operator.

Other safety features include SkyRak which enables materials to be safely lifted to the operating height, avoiding the need to rest them on hand rails not built with load-bearing in mind.

Keypads can limit unauthorised access, giving you control over who can use equipment and when it can be used. In doing so, it also puts organisations and hirers in control, enabling them to ensure that only those who hold an up to date IPAF licence can use the equipment.

With these developments, aerial operating platform hire in London is becoming safer than ever but working at height safely still comes down to ensuring your staff are fully trained to work in a way that is mindful of their safety, and that of others.

We stock a wide range of aerial work platforms for hire in London with secondary safety features to protect your workforce, and we also run IPAF training courses and PASMA training courses throughout the year at our London training centre.

To book your IPAF training or PASMA training in London today, or to find out more about our aerial work platform hire options, contact us on 020 8887 1405.

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