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Genie Technical Summit 2015 Highlights Latest Innovations

Genie, whose  lifts feature in the Mr Plant Hire range, held its second Genie Technical Summit earier this summer (2-3 June) in Paris, which was attended by 127 rental customers, authorized distributors and service providers from Europe, The Middle East, Africa and Russia (EMEAR)

Under the theme “Discovering the Future,” this year’s on-stage presentations and hands-on workshops provided insights into the company’s latest innovations, and how Genie applies today’s leading-edge technology to make its customers’ business easier and more profitable.“We are dedicated to the success of our customers’ business,” says Sebastian Umbreit, Senior Director Operations and Aftermarket, Terex AWP, EMEAR. “By means of open dialogue with our technical teams, each edition of the Genie Technical Summit is a unique opportunity to hear our customers’ opinions and measure their level of satisfaction. With 30 percent more customers than our first Technical Summit held in The Netherlands in 2013, the result of this year’s event was extremely successful.”

Summit  Highlights

To illustrate how the Genie team innovates to support its Genie lift hire customers, topics covered at the Summit included:

  1. The intelligent application of today’s state-of-the-art technology such as the design of the Genie® SX-180 boom lift.  While its main components are made of steel, this impressive machine weighs 50 percent less than before.
  2. Genie Service Solutions (GSS) – the Company’s  flexible, comprehensive after-sales service offering. Its multiple options aim to provide the expert support customers need to keep machines well maintained, certified and safe, while reducing total cost of ownership and increasing machine utilization and end-user satisfaction.
  3. A new, fast calibration system which is available on models of the new GTH™ telehandler range, which  enables operators to calibrate machines in two easy steps without counterweight via a control screen inside the operator cab. Attendees were invited to try for themselves. In most instances the machine was fully calibrated in less than one and a half minutes.
  4. NanoClear+, a new repellent and protective paint coating which is only available on Genie equipment.  This high-shine paint coating option uses today’s cutting-edge nano technology to both protect machine paintwork from chipping as well as from damage caused by paint, oil, diesel, cement, chemicals and salt corrosion. A real bonus for construction equipment hirecompanies, like Mr Plant Hire, because it keeps machines looking smarter for longer and means equipment is much faster and easier to keep clean, helping  to reduce labour costs.
  5. Genie’s new technical and operator training which includes an innovative cost-efficient computerized simulator designed to simplify Genie® Z™-boom lift operator training.
  6. Genie’s Trackunit™ Track & Trace system which offers the benefits of a wide range of fleet management functions, among which hour-meter reporting, location, machine utilization, and security abilities such as geo-fencing, alarms by movement and remote machine disabling.
  7. Genie’s Digital Solutions offering – which focuses on uptime by providing the ability to resolve problems more easily to get machines back to work more rapidly.

Genie’s Conference highlights that this manufacturer is at the very top of its game.  So , if you are an Enfield or London-based contractor looking for the very best in lifting equipment, contact Mr Plant Hire now for your Genie lift hire, including Genie Superlift, in the Enfield and London areas.

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