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Generating Power with Mr Plant Hire

If you need emergency power or a temporary supply of power, then hiring a generator is the best option. Mr Plant Hire have a range of generators for hire in London. Depending on your requirements generator hire is available to suit small tools or lighting, all the way up to large diesel skid mounted generators for larger projects.

There are many advantages to choosing to hire a generator rather than purchase one.

Not only is it cost effective, there will be minimal to no maintenance costs, generators for hire will meet all required safety standards and be in full working order.

Smaller generators can fit easily in the boot of a car or back of a small van. Mr Plant Hire offer petrol generators perfect for powering fusion welding machines, small power tools or site lighting where electricity is not yet available or accessible. Generator hire is particularly popular in the winter months for use with lighting and heating products. Petrol generator hire London is available from 3.4 KVA to 6.5 KVA with a maximum run time of approx. 3 hours.

Diesel generator hire is perfect for larger jobs. Most are trolley or trailer mounted to move easily around sites or from one location to another.

The diesel generators have a minimum run time of approx. 10 hours and range from 6 KVA to 33 KVA. Mr Plant Hire have diesel generator hire for all situations. The 6 KVA generator is perfect for commercial or domestic appliances, particularly in emergency situations. Not only does it offer a run time of approx. 17 hours, it has a 22 litre diesel tank and silent canopy to minimise noise.

The larger generators for hire are designed to run longer; perhaps to charge tools, run overnight or power equipment that must constantly operate. The 16 KVA model can run up to approx. 34 hours and the 33 KVA generator for hire can run up to apporx. 48 hours. All diesel generators operate with minimal noise, perfect for commercial areas or domestic use.

If you really need some power, Mr Plant Hire have diesel Skid Mounted Generators for hire from 50 KVA to 200KVA. These generators are sited with control panels, and long run fuel tanks. Installation and maintenance is available and the generator can be delivered and sited where required. These larger generators for hire are suitable for commercial, industrial, building and large events.

With a large range of generators, all with current safety certificates, get in touch with Mr Plant Hire today for more information.

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