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Fume extractor v Fume eliminator – which one do I need?

Breathing in noxious fumes or gasses when welding, sanding, grinding, or doing any kind of work can make you quite unwell. It can even pose a serious long-term risk to your health.

It’s best for your health (and those working with you) to remove these noxious fumes from your working environment as quickly as possible.

At Mr Plant Hire, we have both fume extractors and fume eliminators for hire in London, Enfield – but what’s the difference between them and which one do you really need?

What is a fume eliminator?

A fume eliminator is a machine that removes all of the noxious or poisonous particles from the air.

Designed to work in spaces without adequate ventilation, or where it isn’t safe or possible to duct gasses externally, a fume eliminator takes in the air through its powerful extractor arm. It then passes the air through a series of carbon filters to clean it and remove the impurities, before recirculating it back into the room.

The fume eliminator for hire in London, Enfield at Mr Plant Hire has an extraction arm with a spotlight, making it perfect for jobs that take place in a very specific location such as welding or soldering.

What is a fume extractor?

A fume extractor is a fan with ducting. It eliminates dirty air in garages and workshops, removing it from the environment and ducting it outside, without cleaning it.

The fume extractor is fitted with a fan, improving air circulation in indoor areas.

Fume extractors need somewhere to duct unwanted fumes and gasses. Our fume extractors for hire in London, Enfield come with 6m of ducting, but if you require, it is possible to hire additional ducting lengths.

Do I need to hire a fume eliminator or a fume extractor?

It can be difficult to determine whether you need a fume eliminator or a fume extractor, however, a general rule of thumb is that an extractor covers a wider area such as a garage or workshop.

An eliminator, by contrast, is useful for more precise and confined projects such as welding.

These more confined projects can be done close to the extraction arm, and the suction on this extraction arm means that harmful gasses have less chance to escape into the surrounding environment.

Mr Plant Hire in London, Enfield makes it easy and convenient to ensure you have all of the health and safety equipment you need to hand when you need it. For over 30 years we’ve specialised in plant hire in Enfield and across London.

To find out more or to hire a fume eliminator or a fume extractor, give our helpful team a call on 0844 779 0211

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