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From house builds to garden walls: Concrete mixer hire for any project

There are many reasons for using a concrete mixer to mix concrete. Firstly, you’ll get a much more consistent mix. Secondly, you’ll save a lot of time and effort (especially in the middle of summer) and thirdly, you’ll be able to use your concrete when you’re ready for it, taking the pressure off and allowing you to take your time and finish on getting an even result.

Mixing concrete or mortar, like most tasks, is much easier once you have the right tools for the job. The right equipment doesn’t just reduce the amount of effort, it also enables you to deliver better results.

If you’re building a house, or embarking on a sizeable garden project, we have some serious mixers available for you to hire. Our site mixer will mix 110 litres of concrete in just six minutes. That’s probably about the same amount of time it’ll take you to put the concrete mix and water in. It can run on diesel, but if noise is an issue, it can also run on a 110v electric motor.

However, concrete mixers aren’t just for big projects like driveways and buildings.

We also have a compact concrete mixer available for hire. Our mixer on a stand can mix up to 85 litres of concrete or mortar and can pour it directly into your barrow, ready for use. Its compact nature makes it perfect for tight spaces, and with a smaller capacity, it’s great for some of those smaller jobs like repairing or rendering a garden wall.

Of course, there are other ways you can make working with concrete easier too. Using tools like an Easy Float can help you get a smooth finish in those hard-to-reach areas. Whilst Vibrating Pokers can help to compact concrete as it’s poured.

We also have power trowels with unique side plates available to help you get a smooth finish right up to a wall.

All of these and more are available for hire from Mr Plant Hire in Enfield.

Our friendly and experienced team of advisors are also on site to advise you on the right equipment to use for your project.  Call us today on 020 8351 3434 to arrange your concrete mixer hire, or to find out more about Easy Floats, Vibrating Pokers and other tools that can help you achieve a smooth and consistent finish.

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