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Firm Fixing with Fusion Welding

When installing sanitary systems, drainage or perhaps chimney reconstruction, the need for seamless pipe fusion is important to prevent leaks as pipes are not often easily accessible once installed.

A butt fusion welding machine does just that. Fusion welding machines join two pieces of piping by heating them and pressing them together. Once the pipes have cooled they are permanently and securely sealed. Although the process of fusion welding is not quite as simple as it sounds.

Preparation is key

Before using the butt fusion welding machine, pipes must be correctly prepared. The ends to be joined should be free of dirt or grit and should not be damaged or flawed in any way. Pipes should be measured accurately but consideration given for trimming and melting. Once prepared, the pipes are clamped into the butt fusion welding machine and the pipe ends are planed to make sure they are smooth and ready for welding. Adjustments should be made at this point to check that the pipes are exactly aligned to allow seamless fusion.

Force, accuracy and heat

The butt fusion welding machine hotplate is then positioned between the pipes. Heating and cooling times, and fusion pressures are specific to the size or type of pipe that is being welded. Timing should be measured accurately. The final step before the fusion process is to check the temperature of the hotplate, once the desired temperature is achieved, the pipes can be moved into contact with the welding machine hotplate. Applying force will cause a bead to form around the pipe, the bead should be even around the whole pipe circumference. The butt fusion welding machine is designed to make this process as accurate as possible. Once the bead is completely formed the pressure is reduced but the pipe remains on the hotplate keeping the end hot.

The pipes are then smoothly moved from the hotplate and brought together quickly to keep the temperature stable. Another calculated force is applied and the pipes are welded together. The butt fusion welding machine will hold the pipes at the desired pressure to ensure maximum weld strength whilst the pipes cool. When the cooling time is over the finished product can be inspected.

Advantages of using a butt fusion welding machine

For the construction industry the butt fusion welding machine allows for flexibility and leak free joints as the machine can successfully weld at any angle thanks to the quick clamping device that supports angular branches of piping.

Butt fusion welding is one of the most cost effective methods of fusing pipework. Polyethylene pipe is estimated to last for 50-100 years reducing costs of replacement pipework, and due to its durability and the precision of the butt welding fusion process, the joints are leak free so maintenance is minimal. Polyethylene pipe doesn’t corrode or allow biological growth such as mould or plant life, it also is highly resistant to chemicals. The fusion welding means no joining substances that can inhibit the longevity of the pipework.

Mr Plant Hire London have the REM SSM butt welding machine for hire. It is compact and easy to transport allowing for work on site or in a workshop. The whole machine weighs only 90kg and is capable of welding pipes from 40-160mm. As well as regular polyethylene piping the butt welding fusion machine can weld Polyvinylidene fluoride pipes (PVDF) which are specifically used for highly corrosive chemicals.

The butt fusion welding machine for hire uses state of the art DVS heat transfer technology making sure there is an ideal temperature distribution in the machine. The temperature is automatically controlled within the permitted range according to DVS but can be manually adjusted if required. The cutter unit has a high torque universal motor for accurate planing of the pipe ends, and the machine complies with all current health and safety regulations.

Butt fusion welding machines can be very expensive to purchase and may only be required for a short time. Mr Plant Hire London have a range of fusion welding equipment including the REMS SSM 160K to hire. They can also offer support and assistance to help choose the right welding equipment for the job.

Get in touch with Mr Plant Hire today for more information on butt welding machine for hire and accessories available to hire.

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