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Feeling The Heat? Hire Your Cooling Equipment When You Need It

So far 2017 has seen one of the hottest summers on record, with office workers and construction workers alike feeling the heat.

Help is at hand from Enfield based Mr Plant Hire, who have a wide range of cooling equipment for hire for home and work spaces, including portable air conditioning and power fan units for hire.

1. For offices and light commercial use

Try the KY32/C 12000 BTU Air Conditioner

This unit is suitable for larger offices, computer rooms, exhibitions and light commercial use. It is also ideal for cooling and controlling humidity levels in small flats, conservatories or loft conversions during the hot summer months.

2. For larger areas including factories, workshops and marquees

Look at our moving cool range which is suitable for industrial use, especially for computer rooms, were a constant temperature needs to be maintained.

The Movincool SF15, for example, is a very powerful portable unit developed for the industrial market. Two cold air outlets on the front of the unit mean that it can directly cool two separate areas at once. Immediate areas are brought down to cooler levels on the spot.

3. For maximum portability and clean air

The M900P Portable Evaporator Cooler provides effective cooling for areas up to 15 square metres. It cleans and filters the air and is energy efficient. Requiring no external ducting, this cooling unit is truly portable.

4. To cool smaller areas up to 4m x 6m

The Delonghi 9000 Btu is a good choice. This is a single unit hose type air cooled condenser with a 2.64 kW cooling power with:

  • 2 Fan speeds for air conditioning and ventilation
  • A Thermostat to control temperature and save on running costs
  • A Function selector with 4 positions for 2 speed air conditioning and 2 speed ventilation.
  • A 24 hour timer
  • Rolling castors for ease of movement

5. To provide a cool airflow in large shops, offices and commercial premises

Try Mr Plant Hire’s Power Fans which are specifically designed to move large amounts of air at speed across work areas.

The fans have variable speed control and tilt on a stand to direct air flow to particularly hot areas and for maximum effect.

To ensure your workforce and workspace stay cool as and when they need to, rather than investing in equipment you don’t always need, it is definitely worth considering the flexibility and comparatively lower cost of hire.

For one of the best ranges of cooling equipment hire for London, with immediate availability, look no further than Mr Plant Hire. Contact the team now for advice and rates.

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