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Eight Things You Might Not Know About Led Eco Lighting Tower Hire

With winter fast approaching and the nights starting to draw in, on-site work becomes hugely restricted by the lack of daylight. But these days, modern lighting solutions can make life a lot easier and can often be hired for one off project work.

One of the biggest improvements has been the wider applications of the newest LED lighting. State-of-the-art LED Eco Lighting Tower hire is now available across the London area, for example, from Enfield-based Mr Plant Hire.

Here are 8 things you might not know about this ECO friendly lighting tower hire :-

  1. They are fast towing LED lighting towers
  2. They are fitted with 4 x 300 watt high efficiency LED flood lights which means they offer an LED site ECO friendly lighting tower hire solution powerful enough to light up motorways.
  3. At 8.5m, they stand high enough to spread a wide cast light, enough to light most projects.
  4. They run up to 167 hours on one tank (100 litres) of fuel – another ECO friendly plus point.
  5. They have a cut-out system which means that, when the fuel runs low the engine cuts out and all you need to do is fill with more fuel and restart the machine.
  6. They are fully programmable – their control system allows you to program the unit on a timer, with auto cut-off and auto start so no operator needs to be in attendance to turn it on/off.
  7. It’s also possible to programme them to be light sensitive, like a street lamp. When the natural light starts fading, the LED lighting tower will start up and when it starts to get light again it will switch off. This can be placed on a repeat setting – making it perfect for roadworks and security lighting.
  8. The 8.5m mast rotates 340 degrees, so that the 4 LED flood lights can be positioned to your exact requirements.

Lighting Tower Hire solutions from Mr Plant Hire

Whether you need lighting for building sites or for home, Mr Plant Hire offers a wide range of lighting for hire, including: Defender lights, Plasterers lights, Emergency fluorescent lights, Festoon lighting, both hand held and tripod flood lights, Lighting Towers, Inspection lamps, lead lights and portable work lights.

Contact us now for advice on the best lighting tower hire solution for your job and get a fast quote.

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