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Efficient, Environmentally Friendly Excavators for Hire

In 1882, Sir W.G Armstrong & Company built the first known part-hydraulic excavator in England. Using water to operate the hydraulic functions, this early machine helped build the Hull docks. It used water to operate the hydraulic functions and cables to operate the bucket. This early invention wasn’t particularly successful but it was a step forward.

In 1897 Kilgore Machine Company cracked it with the first all-hydraulic excavator using steam cylinders. It was built of steel and controlled by 2 levers. The operators hand motion on each lever was duplicated to the bucket.

Fast forward to present day and excavators have become much more complex with many capabilities and uses such as:

  • Landscaping
  • Demolition
  • Forestry
  • Construction
  • Material handling
  • Snowplough

Mr Plant Hire London have a range of mini excavators for hire, designed for small spaces or smaller projects. But if you require something a little larger there are heavy duty excavators for hire in London.

0.8 TON

Starting at 0.8 Tons, our excavators can be used for a variety of tasks. It is compact but powerful and enables efficient working in small spaces. It can fit through a standard doorway and in addition to the clean exhaust system it has very low noise levels, perfect for domestic or well populated areas. Despite its compact nature, this mini excavator for hire has a dig depth of 1.6m and a dumping height of 2m.


Increasing the depth to 1.8m and height to 2.2m, is the 1 Ton excavator for hire. Fitted with a smooth operating hydraulic control system, this excavator is not only compact, it is precise. A width of 0.75m when retracted allows this excavator to fit through doorways and move around with ease. Mr Plant Hire London offer a trailer hire facility if required and a Hydraulic concrete breaker is available with the mini excavators if needed.

There are a variety of bucket sizes available depending on your project, and if ordered by 4pm, Mr Plant Hire London can deliver the excavator the next day.

1.5 TON

The largest of the mini excavators to hire is the 1.5 Ton.  Its width is just under 1m making it an ideal choice for projects in gardens or smaller spaces. The rubber tracks protect the ground, or pavements and increase the stability of the excavator. There is a digging depth of 2.1m and a maximum digging reach of 3.8m. The machine is fitted with state of the art safety equipment such as a tip/roll protective structure on the operative cab, and an engine starting safety device.

All excavators for hire come with current test certificates and delivery drivers can give instruction if required.

Contact Mr Plant Hire today for more information.

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