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Drying equipment hire for flooded construction projects

The first proper rainfall of the year can catch you out on construction projects. If you haven’t waterproofed your project, you may find yourself looking for drying equipment hire once you’ve bailed out your construction works.

And this week, the first major rainfall of the autumn has arrived, complete with weather warnings, travel disruption and large-scale flooding. Parts of the UK have seen more rainfall in a 24-hour period than they would usually see in a full month at this time of year.

However, if you have been caught out, we have just the equipment to help you dry out your site quickly so you can get on with the task at hand.

We have a HD500 dehumidifier and dryer that is perfect for drying out wet concrete and screed, following flooding or a leak. Capable of extracting 34 litres of water in a 24-hour period, it will help to dry out your construction project, and avoid delays.

Alternatively, you can step up the power on your drying equipment hire  a little with the BD1000 Medium which runs on either 110v or 240v. This has a built-in automatic condenser pump so you can literally set it up, press go and leave it to extract an impressive 48 litres in a 24-hour period. It’s also extremely mobile, making it the perfect drying equipment for dealing with a flooded building.

If the property affected by water is carpeted then, instead of opting for a straightforward dehumidifier and dryer, you could hire a carpet dryer which channels the air specifically beneath the carpet for optimal extraction.

If you need more help and advice on drying equipment hire, call our friendly and experienced team of advisors on 0208 278 7593.

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