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Cutting Costs and Materials

A smart new wall in the garden. Some shelves in the hallway. Re-plumb the bathroom. The wooden flooring in the dining room. A new patio.

All these jobs would be fantastic but I don’t have the right tools and they are expensive to buy…

Mr Plant Hire London have cutting equipment that would make quick work of most projects. From chopsaws, to routers, pipe cutters to bench saws, there are plenty of options when it comes to cutting equipment for hire.

Constructive Chopping

The 350mm Chopsaw for hire cuts metal and masonry up to 115mm thick. The high torque motor is designed for cutting through metal pipes, rods and sections quickly and accurately. It has an ergonomic D-shaped handle for easy transport and a 6ft cable for extended reach on the job site. This chopsaw for hire has a heavy duty protective guard covering both sides of the blade and a spark deflector to direct any sparks downwards and away from the user.

Stepping up a level, the masonry bench saw for hire is a high performance machine capable of cutting a wide variety of small and medium sized materials such as brick, blocks, roof tiles, stone and concrete. To purchase a machine of this type would cost thousands, Mr Plant Hire London offer bench saw hire at competitive rates. If power supply is limited or non-existent then bench saw hire is the solution as it can be supplied with 110 volt electric or petrol powered. The 450mm diamond blade provides fast and powerful cuts on materials up to 200mm.

Saw through any medium

The Stihl Cut-off saw for hire is a robust machine built for the tough tasks. It has a high performance engine and compact design, yet optimised balance for precise cutting. State of the art reduced emission engine technology means this cut-off saw for hire has up to 20% lower fuel consumption than regular 2-stroke engines and significantly reduced exhaust emissions. The design of the handle allows the user to work with an optimal grip position, and this cut-off saw for hire can be supplied with diamond or carborundum blades depending on requirements and will tackle most concrete and brick cutting tasks.

The crosscut and mitre saw for hire is a must have for all types of jobs and projects involving wood and angles. Like most equipment they can be expensive to purchase. This mitre saw for hire has an improved design and a 216mm blade allowing for accurate cutting. It is easy to transport due to the compact lightweight design and the integrated positive mitre stops at 15, 22.5, 30 and 45 degrees with a quick release mitre mechanism up to 50 degrees. It has a traditional pull and tilt design that makes it the perfect choice when looking for a mitre saw for hire.

Mr Plant Hire London have cutting and sawing equipment for hire, no matter what the job. Larger equipment for big jobs or smaller tools for hire for smaller projects. Get in touch with Mr Plant Hire today for a quote and save money by hiring the equipment you need.

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