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Cool down with air conditioning unit and fan hire

Over the last few weeks we’ve seen temperatures soar and there’s no end to these tropical temperatures in sight.

That’s great if you can sit by a pool with a beer in your hand. Not so good if you’re trying to work, arrange a festival, garden party, wedding or other function.

Trying to keep your guests cool isn’t just about them not melting into a sweaty mess, it’s essential to avoiding sun stroke and other medical conditions that can be aggravated by these extreme temperatures.

In the UK, it’s rare we see temperatures this high, for this long. Therefore it may not make sense for you to buy an air conditioning unit or fan.

That’s when hiring an air conditioning unit or fan makes sense. When you hire an air conditioning unit or fan you don’t have to worry about the maintenance of the equipment, or the storage for the 9 months of the year we’re in jeans and jumpers.

4 Things to think about before you hire an air conditioning unit or fan

  1. Do you have a power source for your air conditioning unit or fan? If you don’t already have power to the area where you plan to install an air conditioning unit or fan, you may need to consider an extension cable or even hire a generator.
  2. What is the size of the space you need to cool? Make sure that the air conditioning unit or fan is capable of cooling the room or space you have. Individual product specs should be able to guide you on these.
  3. Will someone be around to control turning the unit on and off or do you need an air conditioning unit with a timer?
  4. Do you need to move air or cool air? If moving air will be enough then you can hire fans that can move large quantities of air at speed from Mr Plant Hire in London.

At Mr Plant Hire in Enfield, we have air conditioning units and fans for hire ready to cool things down when the temperature’s rising. Our teams are on hand to advise you on the best unit for your requirements, so give us a call now on 0844 779 0211 and set up your summer event for success.

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