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Choosing the right work platforms for your powered access hire

Americans use the term MEWP to denote Mobile Elevating Work Platforms and a number of different pieces of equipment fall into this category, including: spider lifts, cherry pickers (boom lifts) and scissor lifts, all of which are available for hire in the London area and beyond, from Mr Plant Hire.

Powered access hire choices

  • A Scissor Lift , is so named for its criss-cross ‘scissor mechanism and scissor lifts can have a hydraulic, pneumatic or mechanical action and can be mobile or static.
  • A Cherry Picker (or Boom lift) – is an elevating work platform with an ‘arm’ called a boom. It’s name derives from it original use in orchards. Mobile and static versions are usually available for hire and can be electric, diesel or hybrid powered.
  • A Spider Lift – Spider lifts have cages which can be removed to allowing to fit through standard double doors, making them ideal for internal jobs like window cleaning, ceiling painting and maintenance work; but are also widely used for outdoor jobs like tree surgery, gutter replacement and restoration

How do decide which MEWP hire to choose?

Deciding on which MEWPs to hire means asking yourself:

    1. How high you need to go?
    2. How far outwards you need to reach?
    3. What weight you need to lift?
    4. What terrain you will be working over– some have 4 wheel drive for rougher terrain
    5. How much rotation you need, in order to manoeuvre the platform at height
    6. What sort of space you will be working in? Turning Radius will be key if you are needing to operate the machinery in confined spaces
    7. Is there restricted height access to the work area? The Platform Height will be vital if you are needing to fit the MEWP through a door or entrance.
    8. How weight bearing Is the working ground surface? This will determine the platform weight you need and these can vary quite widely.

Where to hire boom lift and scissor lifts in London and beyond

Enfield-based Mr Plant Hire offers a choice of different diesel, electric and bi-energy scissor lifts for hire for working at heights from up to 38 feet, to 59 feet. It also offers a comprehensive range of boom lifts for hire in the London area across the top brands like JLG and Genie.

Mr Plant Hire’s Lifting equipment hire is available in London and nationally on a daily, weekly or a monthly basis at affordable prices. Contact Us now to discuss your particular requirements. A two hour response “Fast Quote Service” is available during office hours for quick and competitive pricing.

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