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Choosing the right cutting equipment hire for the job

Getting your hands on the right tools for the job is half the battle. Rather than struggling to work by hand and risking unsafe conditions, hiring the right cutting equipment can help you work more efficiently and safely.

The type of pipes being cut and whether you are cutting on site or in a workshop, will determine which equipment is right for your job.  A broad range of cutting tools is available from Enfield-based Mr Plant Hire and they can advise as to the best choice for you.

Power cutters

If you need to cut through pipe, our power cutters will make the job much easier.

Our Rems Power Pipe Cutters are ideal for site or prefabrication workshop. They can be used to cut pipe of up to 225mm in diameter, chip-free and with no inner or outer burrs. Powered by a 1200-watt 110-volt 115-rpm motor operated by foot, these power cutters can be used to cut stainless steel, carbon steel, copper and plastic pipe.

Alternatively, our Rigid Power Pipe Cutter 258 258xl will cut up to 300mm of pipe and is ideal for cutting large diameter pipe for roll grooving and welding. Very little effort is needed to operate these hydraulic pipe cutters, which are supplied with a rigid 700 power drive and two pipe rollers.

Finally, our Rems Cento Pipe Cutters are light and portable. They will cut stainless steel /copper/plastic and can be used to cut pipes either on site or in the workshop. These power cutters will cut copper and carbon steel, steel pipes, cast iron pipes and plastic pipes.

Stud cutters

Stud cutters are designed to cut threaded rods used to hang pipes. At Mr Plant Hire our manual stud cutters make clean cuts and leave the stud without any burrs. Our cordless stud cutter is similar but makes cuts more quickly and with less effort. Its 12-volt battery provides 570 cuts from one charge.

Rigid snap cutter

rigid snap cutter can be used to cut clay, cast iron and cement soil pipes. Our Rigid Snap Soil Wheel Cutter is a heavy-duty, manually-operated cutter that cuts pipes of up to 150mm in diameter effortlessly and accurately.

Cutting station

Cutting stations are used to cut lengths of pipe, conduit and cable trays safely. The cutting station on offer at Mr Plant Hire contains an internal light and a 110-volt supply plug for a chop saw. This pipe and cable cutting tool offers a lockable store in the base, fire-rated sound proofing to reduce noise pollution, PVC screens to contain any sparks and a rubber mat to stop the chop saw slipping.

Contact Mr Plant Hire today, to find out more about our exceptional cutting equipment range.

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