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7 Reasons to choose Pecolift hire

The Pecolift brings convenience to working at height, wherever you are.

It’s patented manual lift mechanism makes it a truly unique and versatile piece of access equipment for working at height. The Pecolift is a favourite for indoor construction projects, HVAC maintenance or installation, painting and decorating projects and industrial maintenance.

  1. Lightweight and easy to use

The Pecolift is lightweight and easy to use. At just 70cm wide and 98.5cm long, users can push the Pecolift around like a trolley, which makes it extremely convenient for use indoors.

  1. Quiet

With a manual lift mechanism, the Pecolift is quiet to operate, meaning less disturbance to others in the area.

  1. Eco-friendly

As it’s manually powered it doesn’t require power which makes it both environmentally friendly and cost-effective to run.

  1. Intuitive lift mechanism

With an intuitive lift mechanism, there’s no need to invest time and money in extensive training as staff will easily get the hang of turning the crank to elevate the platform.

  1. Stable and sturdy base

The Pecolift’s base is stable and sturdy, meaning it’s secure even when the platform has been elevated to its full height.

  1. Self-locking wheels

The Pecolift has self-locking wheels for added safety, removing the risk of user error. The wheels automatically lock as the platform is elevated, without the user having to worry about it.

For lower heights and smaller projects we have Pecolifts available to hire from Mr Plant Hire in Enfield, but if you need extended reach, or to manage a heavier load, you could always try one of our Ecolifts.

Our friendly and experienced team of advisors are also on site to advise you on the right equipment to use for your project.  Call us today on 020 8351 3434 to arrange your Pecolift hire.

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