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6 Reasons hiring plant equipment makes good business sense

1.No need for high levels of capital
Sometimes the need for high levels of capital investment can mean you compromise and don’t use the right tools for the job, especially if you don’t need them that often or if the gain doesn’t warrant the outlay. By hiring equipment from Mr Plant Hire, you don’t have to part with vast sums of money to be able to use the right tools and equipment for the job every time.

2. You can choose the machinery you need, when you need it.
If you need a telescopic jib this week, a cherry picker next and a tower the week after, hiring them from Mr Plant Hire, Enfield means you don’t have to choose between them. By hiring equipment as you need it, you can have your cake and eat it … or have your scaffolding and use it.

3. No need to pay for costly long-term storage
And when you’re done with your plant machinery, just hand it back. If you need it again next month, you can lease it again then and storing it between uses isn’t your problem.

4. Forget about servicing and repairing equipment
When you lease equipment and tools from Mr Plant Hire, we look after the maintenance and servicing of all our equipment, so you don’t need to.

This saves you time training, familiarising yourself with the equipment and running repairs and maintenance checks – time that you can spend getting on with the task at hand.

5. We’re on hand to help with any questions you might have with the plant equipment and machinery that you’ve leased.
If something’s stumping you, just give us a call. Our team are trained to advise on how to safely use all of our equipment and if we don’t immediately know the answer, we’ll find it out for you.

6. Get the right tools for the job, even if that’s a telescopic jib one week and an articulated cherry picker with high clearance the next.
When you’re investing in equipment you don’t always have the luxury of buying the right tool for the job. Often you have to make-do with a compromise that will see you through several jobs, a compromise that isn’t 100% perfect for any of your tasks. When you lease equipment from Mr Plant Hire, you can choose exactly the right tools, making your tasks quicker and easier.

7. Benefit from the newest machinery without the latest costs
We continually invest in new machinery and the latest models here at Mr Plant Hire, which means that you have the latest equipment available to you too, without the high price tag.

8. Equipment and training all in one place
If you’re in need of training on a particular piece of equipment, you can access if here at Mr Plant Hire, Enfield, or we can train your workers on our equipment onsite. In addition to training on our plant machinery, we also conduct IPAF and PASMA training in London, Enfield. You can read more about our training courses on our website.

There are many reasons why you should hire plant equipment and machinery and at Mr Plant Hire in Enfield, we’re always looking to make the lives of our customers as easy as possible. You can browse our equipment catalogue online, on our app, or for more bespoke advice and guidance on hiring plant equipment you can give us a call on 0844 779 0211.

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