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5 Types of business that can benefit from plant hire

The construction industry is probably the first industry that springs to mind when talking about plant hire, however, there are many other industries that can benefit from the flexibility and agility that can be achieved by using plant hire for specialist equipment and machinery. Of course, for many companies, there are cost savings to be had too.

Not only can renting your equipment by the day offer more efficient and effective solutions, it can also mean that smaller companies without large quantities of capital to invest can benefit from specialist equipment too. Plant hire makes it possible for businesses that are a little tight on storage space to use specialist equipment when required, providing a much safer and more time-efficient way of carrying out tasks critical to the nature of their business. Here are 5 industries that stand to gain from hiring plant equipment and machinery.

Equipment hire for painters and decorators

Painters and decorators often work at height. Hiring a cherry picker, scissor lift, or even a tower can make accessing these heights much safer. Not having to think about balancing precariously at the top of a ladder frees up workers’ time and focus for the task at hand. In addition to access equipment, plasterers can hire dehumidifiers or heaters to create the right environment for plaster to dry before being treated and painted.

Equipment hire for window cleaners

Often needing to reach high up spaces to clean windows, using a scissor lift or a cherry picker in place of a traditional ladder can make the day-to-day work of a window cleaner much safer. It can also help to provide a more thorough clean than can be achieved using a long-reach pole. There’s also the added bonus that hiring equipment means no additional storage and maintenance costs to worry about.

Plant hire for events companies

The British weather can be indecisive at best, so it can be hard for events companies to have all of the equipment they may need for each weather eventuality.

Whether it’s a heater for cold weather, coolers or air conditioning units for hot weather, generators to power big screens or chillers, or even safety barriers for crowd control, hiring equipment from Mr Plant Hire means events companies don’t need to cover the cost of storage when these things aren’t in use. What’s more, where multiple items such as barriers are required, events teams can usually get multiple units from just one place.

Plant hire for infrastructure maintenance

With water bowsers, generators, lighting rigs, diggers available, road re-surfacing contractors and infrastructure maintenance teams can benefit vastly from access to the right equipment for a particular task, and equipment hire with Mr Plant Hire offers that level of flexibility.

Plant hire for roofing contractors

Roofing contractors spend a lot of time working at height. Whether it’s a straightforward project that simply requires a scaffolding tower, or a more complicated, difficult-to-reach area that requires the extended reach of a boom lift. Harnesses and other safety equipment such as fall arresters can also make this kind of work much safer.

Whatever plant and equipment you need you can hire it from Mr Plant Hire, Enfield. The right equipment can make your work faster, more efficient and safer for your employees, whilst saving costs on storage and maintenance and avoiding the need for high volumes of capital outlay. Just call 0844 779 0211 to arrange your plant hire.

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