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5 things you need to know about IPAF licences

What is IPAF training?

IPAF training in London, Enfield is training in the safe operation of powered access vehicles (sometimes referred to as mobile elevating working platforms).

The IPAF licence is granted by the International Powered Access Federation upon completion of a certified IPAF training course delivered by an IPAF member. Once you’ve successfully completed the certified training course, you’ll receive your IPAF licence (sometimes referred to as an IPAF certificate) enabling you to work with powered access vehicles.

Here are 5 things you should know about IPAF training and getting your IPAF licence.

1. The IPAF licence expires after 5 years, so you’ll need to refresh your skills and retake the training.

It’s easy to forget things over time and, with the inherent health and safety risks involved in using powered access vehicles, it’s important operators are up to speed with the latest in best practice procedures before getting behind the controls of powered access vehicles.

Make sure you organise the renewal of your IPAF training and certification before the expiry of your existing IPAF licence to avoid operatives not being able to use equipment.

2. IPAF training is subdivided into categories so that you can tailor your training to the equipment you’ll be using.

We offer IPAF training courses at our London training centre or on your own site anywhere in the UK in the following categories of equipment:

  • PAV – Push Around and Vertical such as PECO Lifts and Power Towers.
  • 1B – Static Boom Lifts. This covers equipment such as vehicle mounted cherry pickers, Hinowa Spider Booms and Nifty Lift 170SDs
  • 3A – Mobile Scissor Lifts such as the Genie 19/32 to 53/90 Scissor Lifts
  • 3B – Mobile Boom Lifts. This includes machinery such as the Genie Z45 or the Nifty Lift HR12
    IPAF Harness Training which teaches you how to use a harness effectively.

3. Achieving your IPAF licence isn’t just dependent on completing an IPAF training course.
You’ll need to sit a theory test that will cover safety awareness and other key theories for the safe operation of powered access vehicles, but all this will be taught to you on one of the IPAF training courses we run here at Mr Plant Hire.

4. Minimum IPAF licence age
Much like a driving licence, you’ll need to be over the age of 16 to hold an IPAF licence, but there’s no maximum age for holding an IPAF licence. You just have to remember to renew it before it expires.

5. A licence isn’t restricted to a specific size of powered access vehicle.
Once you have completed your IPAF training and hold an IPAF licence, you can drive any size of vehicle in that particular category.

Mr Plant Hire offer IPAF training courses throughout the year at our London IPAF Training Centre, where we have been IPAF members since 1987. You can learn more about our IPAF training courses and certification or contact us to arrange training either at our Training Centre or at your own premises here, or just give us a call on 0844 779 0211.

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