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5 Scientific reasons you should hire a concrete mixer today

Without a concrete mixer hire, mixing concrete is a laborious task. You need to be fairly fit and strong to get a good result with hand-mixed concrete. When mixing concrete by hand, you also need to work quickly to reduce the chance of the concrete setting before it has been applied.

However, these practical reasons for using a concrete mixer aside, there are some great scientific reasons why, using a mixer gives you stronger, longer-lasting concrete than you would get by mixing concrete by hand.

  1. A concrete mixer enables the concrete and any aggregates to be mixed uniformly and evenly, both macroscopically and microscopically, reducing the likelihood of any weak points in the compound.
  2. The rhythmic and repetitive mixing process breaks down the cement particles and promotes the dispersion of the cement, thoroughly combining it with the water, once again ensuring that the concrete is thoroughly mixed to create a strong compound.
  3. The consistent mixing action promotes the collision and friction of the particles, reducing the likelihood that particle adhesion will be reduced by dust coating the particles.
  4. The homogenisation of the particles is sped up by the number of times the cement mixer mixes the cement (many more than those that hand mixing could deliver in the same time frame), providing a better quality cement with lower effort.

So, with so many reasons to use a concrete mixer, and concrete mixers easily available for hire from Mr Plant Hire, maybe it’s time to throw out that old bucket and improve the quality and integrity of the concrete you use.

For advice from the Mr Plant Hire team on concrete mixer hire for your project, call on 020 8351 3434.

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