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5 Reasons the Genie Superlift hire is so popular

The Genie Superlift is one of our most popular industrial lifts. With its multitude of useful features, the popularity of Genie Superlift hire among our customers doesn’t come as a great surprise.  Carefully designed to offer maximum lifting strength in a single, convenient, and user-friendly piece of kit, the Genie Superlift offers everything you need from a manual lift.

We have a variety of Genie Superlifts for hire including the SL10,15 and SL20 here at Mr Plant Hire in London, but if you are after a serious heavyweight player, we have the SL25 which extends up to 7.9 metres and can lift a whopping 295 Kg.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons that our customers (and staff) love the Genie Superlift.


We don’t all need to lift the same stuff all of the time and the Genie Superlift designers get the importance of being able to safely and securely lift different shapes, weights and types of materials.

They’ve kitted out the Genie Superlift with a wide a variety of available extensions including Extension Forks, Boom Crane attachments and Pipe Support Brackets. We have many of these extension options available to hire at our London and Enfield plant hire depots.

Patented telescoping mast system

From a convenience perspective, the Genie Superlift’s patented telescopic mast system means it can be stored efficiently and still extend to impressive heights without compromising on strength.

Glides through standard single door doorways

The body of the Genie Superlift is designed to glide seamlessly through standard single-width doorways (and gateways) and into smaller gaps, thanks to the efficient straddle base design.

Compact storage

It’s not all about how things perform in use, sometimes equipment has to fit with the space you have. The Genie Superlift’s legs fold up, so it can be conveniently and safely stowed away when not in use.

Quick and easy set up

Finding the right tools isn’t always easy. Especially for some pieces of equipment, but the Genie Superlift guys decided to make life as simple as possible, designing these powerful lifts to be modified and adjusted by users, without the need for tools.

To get all the benefits of hiring a Genie Superlift in Enfield or London today, visit us online or give us a call on 020 8351 3434 and speak to our friendly support team.

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