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4 Things that could save you time when decorating

May bank holiday is on the horizon, and many of us will be heading to the DIY store to buy tools, paint and acres of plastic sheeting. If you’re anything like I used to be, you’ll part with a small fortune, possibly weeping inwardly as the cashier rings up the total cost, and hand over the plastic, only to store these new tools for another three years before you need them again.

The result of this, is that we only spend on the items we really need. You may end up with a few more pennies in your pocket and a slightly less cluttered garage, but the danger is that you’ll spend much longer preparing your room and seeing a much poorer finish. Here are a few time-saving devices and tools you can hire to reduce your prep time.

1. Wallpaper stripper

A steam wallpaper stripper melts wallpaper adhesive, making the wallpaper easier to remove from the wall without damaging the plaster. It also means fewer irritating shreds of paper left surgically attached to the wall.

2. A wallpaper perforator

Whilst a wallpaper stripper can make removing wallpaper much easier, it works even more effectively if you perforate the wallpaper first to enable the steam to get into the adhesive behind the paper. Our wallpaper perforators are rollers covered in spikes that make small holes in the wallpaper as you roll. It takes two minutes and saves many more!

3. Fibreglass builders steps

When decorating it really helps to have reliable steps that enable you to access the high up parts of the wall as easily and safely as the lower parts of the wall. Not only is it safer, but it also makes it a lot easier to get those lines straight! Our fibreglass builders steps are stable and secure, and, being made out of fibreglass makes them really light and easy to move around to exactly where you need them.

4. Hot Air Paint Stripper Heat Gun

Our hot air paint stripper gun enables you to strip paint and varnish, taking indoor and outdoor woods back to the substrate, faster and more efficiently than with chemical paint removers.

Of course, after any decorating job, there’s the clean-up. At Mr Plant Hire, you can also hire carpet cleaners, vacuum cleaners and pressure washers to remove all dirt and debris for a professional finish.
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