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4 Pieces of safety equipment you never knew you could hire

When you’re working on a job, it’s essential to kit out yourself and your team with the right safety equipment. Purchasing these can be frustrating as safety equipment can be both expensive and can have limited use on a project. Fear not, here are 4 pieces of safety equipment that you can hire from Mr Plant Hire that you probably didn’t know about.

  1. Fall arrestor

When you’re working at height, foregoing a fall arrestor isn’t a smart move. According to the HSE, 2018 saw 144,300 non-fatal accidents from falls when people were working at height.

However, with fall arrestors starting at over £100 a time, it’s not always a cost that’s accounted for.  Thankfully, you can hire your fall arrestors at Mr Plant Hire and reduce the capital outlay you need to set aside for your project, without compromising on safety.

  1. Gas detector

When working in potentially hazardous areas, monitoring the levels of dangerous gasses in the immediate environment can be the difference between life and death. If your gas detection unit malfunctions, or if you don’t have one but need to complete a project quickly, you can hire a gas detector from Mr Plant Hire. With visual and audible alarms when gasses rise to dangerous levels, and ultra-bright LEDs visible from a 270 degree angle, you’ll be able to work, confident that if your environment becomes dangerous, you’ll be the first to know.

  1. Long duration escape kit

This is the sort of safety equipment that is only used regularly in just a few fields of work. Most of the time, if you need a Long Duration Escape Kit, it’s probably for a particular project or piece of work, or for a limited time frame.

Our Long duration escape kit is a self—contained chemical oxygen source. It has an automatically activated quick starter and provides instant oxygen for up to 30 minutes if the user is active, or 2 hours if they are at rest. What’s more, it’s approved for temperature classes T1-4.

  1. Mobile 2-way radio

For maintaining above-ground radio contact, our mobile radios offer 16 channels for clear communication, an emergency mode and hands-free operation. So, whether you need to be able to communicate effectively for set up and running of events, construction projects, or something else, you can hire your 2-way mobile radios for the duration of your project and save yourself money.

To boost the safety of your project for yourself and your team, call Mr Plant Hire today to hire your personal safety equipment on  020 8351 3434.

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