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4 Pieces of safety equipment you can’t afford to overlook

If you’re not a fan of Russian Roulette then not having the correct personal safety equipment when working at height probably isn’t your thing.

Without taking the correct precautions, you are literally taking your life (or that of others) in your hands.

However, when it doesn’t make commercial sense for you to invest in your own safety equipment, you don’t need to go without. You can hire personal safety equipment to keep you safe when working at height.

Here are 4 pieces of safety equipment available to hire from Mr Plant Hire in London, Enfield to help you keep yourself and your personnel safe whenever you’re working at height.

Fall arrestor

Leading the way is the fall arrestor. This is a mechanical winch system designed to stop you once you’ve fallen. Let’s call it a last line of defence – but, all the same, one I’d rather not be without.

By connecting it to a reliable anchor, a fall arrestor will help stop you before you make contact with the ground below whilst minimising the forces on the body.

It’s worth hiring a Fall Arrest System if you are working near a fragile surface, on a narrow ledge or unusual building or roof shape and are using lanyards or a rope (or if there is a good chance you might fall off or into the building).

By law you are required to have been through training on how to use fall arrest systems and should also ensure you have a recovery procedure in place, to ensure that, should someone have to rely on a fall arrest system, they are recovered quickly and safely to the ground.

Roof man anchor

Sometimes, setting up guard rails on flat roofs just isn’t practical. When it isn’t, a roof man anchor offers a great way of staying safe whilst carrying out your work. The portable anchor can be attached to the roof of the building for your workmen to anchor themselves to, protecting themselves from falls.

Safety harness

The safety harness is an essential option for anyone working at height. We don’t hire these out, but we do have a range of these available to purchase. Fully fitted, our safety harnesses are designed to be used for all work, whatever the height, and even for rescue applications too. We also offer Safety Harness Training in London, Enfield, this can be tailor made to your specifications.

Tripod Access System

A tripod access system heightens the safety of people and things lowered into manholes, shafts and other confined areas. It comes with a winch fall arrester to control descent.

PPE (Personal Protection Equipment)

Of course, anyone working at height, or with powered access or heavy lifting equipment or even chemicals should ensure that they have the right protective clothes and equipment to keep them safe.

From safety goggles to harnesses, gloves to hard hats, we also have a wide range of personal protective equipment in stock for purchase to help you stay safe in the workplace.

Mr Plant Hire, Enfield has a wide range of plant equipment and machinery available for hire. Call 0844 779 0211 to find out more about equipment and plant hire in London.

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