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The Many uses of Aerial Work Platforms

When a ladder or scaffolding is not suitable for the job, aerial work platform hire is the solution. They are easy to maneuverer, particularly in small areas.

The flexibility of aerial work platforms means they have many uses:


Where simple vertical access is required to examine a bridge, check an aeroplane or inspect a large structure.

Window Cleaning

The world’s tallest building the Burj Khalifa stands at 828m, an aerial work platform may not reach those window heights but they are perfect for reaching many other high level areas.

Tree Maintenance

If climbing a tree isn’t your cup of tea, an aerial platform provides a solid footing to work from.

Controlling the Crowd

At large events such as concerts or sporting events, security companies may keep an eye on crowds from above allowing a wider view of any events that may unfold.


From gutters to traffic lights, lampposts to electrical cables, repairing anything at height can be tricky. To remain safe at all times, many domestic and commercial maintenance projects are using an aerial work platform.

Of course in the construction industry working at height is common, aerial work platforms can be moved quickly around job sites, they can save time and increase productivity as they are ready to use and they comply with all necessary safety regulations.

Mr Plant Hire also offer training for all types of powered access equipment including aerial work platforms. Contact us today for more information on hiring an aerial work platform in London, Enfield and surrounding areas.

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