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The Genie Superlift in numbers

Genie Superlift hire is popular. These smart little manual winch lifts are an important part of our plant rental fleet. Available for hire from our Enfield plant hire depot, the Genie Superlifts come with a variety of forks and attachments for the ultimate in versatility. We’ve already talked about the vast raft of benefits of the Genie Superlift, so here is the Genie Superlift in numbers.

1,000lbs – SLA-S – SLA – 10 Model 5

The Genie Superlift can lift weights of 1,000lbs – that’s 454kg of material.

11ft – 9.9ft Folks Down (SLA-10 Model)

The maximum height that the Genie Superlift can lift materials or workers up to 454kg. To be precise, the maximum height is 11ft, 5½ inches.

26ft, 5 inches – 24.4ft Folks DOwn (SLA-25 Model)

For lower weights of just 295kg, the Genie Superlift can actually lift to impressive heights of 26ft, 5 inches.


The width of a standard doorframe that the Genie Superlift can fit through without even breaking a sweat.

7 Fork Attachments

7 The number of fork attachments you can choose to ensure the Genie Superlift can meet your needs, whatever the project, whatever the day.


The height of the Genie Superlift when stowed away.

2 inches

With all of its benefits, but with just a 2-inch clearance, the Genie Superlift is best suited to level ground use.

We’re sure you’ll agree that the Genie Superlift packs quite a punch for such a compact manual winch. If you’d like to hire a Genie Superlift, give us a call on 020 8351 3434 for a quote today.


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