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The ALF 150 Duct Leakage Tester

ALF 150

The ALF 150 Duct Leakage Tester

The low-cost, compact and completely self contained unit. One of the best Duct Leakage testers on the market which provides everything you need for positive and negative pressure. It can develop static pressures from -2500PA to +2500PA with rates of flow from 1 to 150I/s.

One of the benefits of using the ALF 150 is the fact that it is so compact you can get it in the back of most small hatch back vehicles and it’s suitable for a one person lift. It comes fully calibrated and ready to put to use as soon as you take it out of the box and can begin testing for leaks straight away.

The ALF 150 is a menu focused unit that comes with a detachable handheld device which allows for highly accurate and readouts direct from the unit containing information such as Test Static Pressure and Measured Leakage Rate. Data received from the device can be saved instantly using the on-board SD card feature or can be plugged into a PC or laptop using the USB link feature. The unit provides a low-cost, low hassle and provides the ability for rapid recalibration.

Special Features of the product.

▪ Portable & lightweight; Single person lift.

▪ Everything pre-connected and ready to use

▪ Rapid change Conical Inlet Nozzles.

▪ Easy to use single instrument with menu driven interface.

▪ SD card & USB Data output.

▪ Configurable settings include: Ambient conditions, sensor damping, units of measure, data record rate.

▪ Able to measure flow in STD conditions or Actual conditions.

▪ Four operating languages: English, French, German & Spanish.

▪ Only return the electronic instrument for annual calibration.

▪ Entire unit can fit in boot of a small hatchback car.


▪ Ductwork Leakage Testing

▪ Damper Leakage Testing

▪ Chilled Beam Testing

▪ AHU Leakage Testing

▪ Other End of Line Testing

▪ Testing after refurbishments

▪ Testing before/after duct cleaning

▪ Automatic back pressure compensated flow measurement for Fan testing.

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