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Latest Eco-Friendly Powered Access Equipment Now Available Across London and Enfield

What is PECOlift?

PECOlift is new lifting machine which gives you powered access to work at heights of up to 3.5metres and represents a revolutionary improvement on the ‘greenest of green’ step-ladders, platform steps and podiums.

Why is it so environmentally friendly?

There are a host of reasons why PECOlift is eco compliant and they rest principally on the fact that it has no energy consumption:

  1. It is battery free:  No batteries are required, which means there is no power consumption for charging and no risk of battery acid spills and no hydrogen gases involved.
  2. It does not use hydraulic oils, which means no spills.  Instead it uses a “patented” lift mechanism which you turn a handle to elevate

In fact, the PECOlift’s carbon footprint is even smaller than its working footprint and that is only 985mm x 700mm!

PECOlift is manufactured by Power Towers Products who are committed to eco friendly manfacture.  It is CE marked and fully complies with EN280 2009 requirements.

PECOlift is also easy to use:

In addition to its eco-friendly advantages, PECOlifts are also:

  • Easy to step on to (without climbing) and operate
  • Safe – PECOlifts have an ‘auto-lok’ brake on elevation
  • Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre
  • Fast – it can reach its full working height in 11 seconds
  • Able to be used 24/7, as they have unlimited lift cycles
  • Cost effective to operate and maintain

Find out more

Click here for more info on how to hire Peco-lift in Enfield and the London area from Mr Plant Hire.

Peco-lift is just one of a full range of lifting equipment for hire in the London area from Enfield-based Mr Plant Hire.  Its Powered Access hire division can supply Boom lifts (cherry pickers) and Scissor Lifts (flying carpets) anywhere in the UK.

Contact Us now to discuss your particular powered access hire requirements.  And, if you are unsure of the equipment you require for your heights and requirements, why not take advantage of our Free Site Survey.  Our two hour response “Fast Quote Service” is available during office hours for quick and competitive pricing.

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