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Keeping productive and keeping warm with heater hire

The Met Office forecasts low temperatures in the next few weeks, whether you need industrial heating hire for commercial buildings or smaller units for residential buildings, Mr Plant Hire has a range of heater hire units to suit all heating requirements.

There are many advantages to heater hire, not only can it be provided quickly, there are no maintenance concerns and all units comply with the necessary legal and safety regulations.

Mr Plant Hire heater hire London have electric and gas heaters for hire. Electric heater hire is particularly suitable for offices and workshops. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) state that employers must provide adequate workplace heating. The Infra-Red Office Heater is specifically designed for offices, with special low glow reflectors offering unobtrusive heating up to 3kw and can be supplied in 110 or 240 volt.

For residential areas, Mr Plant Hire have portable fan heater hire, easy to use with thermostatic control and safe for occupied areas. Portable fan heaters are particularly useful for sporting events, parties, and corporate occasions, perhaps in a marquee or venue not equipped with an effective heating solution.

Larger spaces such as warehouses or workshops can benefit from a long wave Infra-Red heater, energy is converted into heat by the no glare ceramic emitters, ideal for drying damp areas. Industrial electric heater hire is available up to 15kw.

Gas heaters are effective if you need to heat a large space quickly, Mr Plant Hire have mobile fan assisted propane heater hire particularly for industrial or construction site use. In a construction environment having no heating system, or failure of an existing heating solution can halt progress causing disruption and most likely expense. Gas heater hire can assist with accelerating drying time and protecting buildings from frost reducing any potential delays in work. The gas heaters are powered by propane or butane gas bottles, both available for purchase from Mr Plant Hire.

All Mr Plant Hire heating hire units are available for delivery across London, Enfield and surrounding areas, with a potential for discount on long term hire. For more information contact us today on 020 8351 3434.

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