Monkey Tower Mini

Monkey Tower Mini

Code: ZNY314


With no hydraulics or batteries the platform of the Monkey Tower Mini can be easily raised up by a single person in a matter of seconds.  The secret to this is the weights that run within the uprights of the ladders and counter-balance the weight of the platform.  Unlike a scaffold tower the entire erection procedure is carried out at ground level and with single piece construction there are no parts to lose.  Monkey Tower Mini latches at 0.25m intervals to a maximum working height of 3.9m (13ft).  The Monkey Tower is a great alternative to the Desk Surfer.


  • Stowed height - 1.922m
  • Stowed width - 0.7m
  • Stowed length - 1.2m
  • Working height - 2.925m
  • Working width - 1.64m
  • Working length - 1.32m
  • Safe working load - 150kg

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