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Monkey Tower’s from Mr Plant Hire PLC.

Monkey Tower’s from Mr Plant Hire PLC.

Monkey Tower 1

Monkey Tower 2

Monkey Tower 3

Easily and Quickly Erected

You don’t need multiple people to help with a Monkey Tower. A single person can be set up and ready to be worked on in 5-10 minutes. It cuts out the hard work of having several people having to setup one piece of kit.

Everything to setup the Monkey Tower Mini is done with your feet firmly on the ground, and even better It’s done in 4 simple steps (Please see below).

– Set the stabilizer jacks. (No need for assistance, you can do it yourself).
– Pull ladder into position.
– Winch up the platform.
– Climb and get to work.

All of the above information sounds great so far but why use it?

It can lift up to 75KG of tools and equipment on the platform so that is a vast amount of weight for a single user machine. You don’t need to carry tools up a ladder or have to worry about lugging some up stairs. Simply put the tools you require in the Monkey Tower and get in then it’s a simple case of raising the machine!

No batteries, no worries of it going flat and dying on you. You don’t need to worry about replacing things or calling the hire company to say you’ve got a leak or the hydraulics aren’t working. It’s man powered so you do it all yourself.

Did you know it fits through a single doorway? Did you know It’s towable? 

Yes both of those things are true! The height of a Monkey Tower is 1.9M and the width of the equipment is 1.13M so it will easily fit through a double door and it can get even smaller by bringing in the wheels.

How can you get your hands on one from Mr Plant Hire? It’s simple.

You can check out more information at the following page: or you can call one of our experienced Hire Desk Operatives at our Mechanical & Electrical Division on 020 8351 3434

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