Fire Safety

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In this section you’ll be shown the real statistics on the amount of accidents that happen in the workplace. You’ll be educated that workplace accidents don’t just happen to other people they can happen to you too. You’ll be educated on the importance of taking responsibility for your actions and informed on how they not only affect you but how they effect others too.



Does your workplace have a fire warden? Do you know where your fire safety point is? Are you aware on how to
prevent fire in the workplace? The course has no practical assessments but is 6 hours of instructions and
information on how to prevent fire in the workplace and raise your awareness of hazards and risks that are
associated with work place fires.
we will demonstrate the importance of having a designated Fire Marshall within your workplace and informing
you of how vital and life saving making small changes can be.


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Mr Plant Hire - Course Agenda

– Explanation on how fires are caused in the workplace.
– Information regarding the fire triangle and it’s components.
– The before and after effect of a fire explained and potential hazards that could arise.
– Explanation on how fire spreads and how smoke spreads too.
– The role of a fire marshal/warden.
– Fire prevention in the workplace.
– Identifying fire risk points.
– How you and your co-workers should be vigilant.
– How to carry out a fire risk assessment.

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Mr Plant Hire PLC - Who's this course designed for?

The course is designed for fire wardens and marshals, every company should have an allocated Fire Marshal and if
that’s you then this course is designed for you. If you’re looking to improve your knowledge and awareness of fire
safety not just for you but for everyone around you.
You must be 16 years old to be on this course and the course contains a multiple-choice examination once the
course has been completed.

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Mr Plant Hire PLC - What do I get from this course

3 Year certificate.
Qualsafe Certificate.

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