61m Truck Mount

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Wumag WT610


The Wumag WT610 allows a maximum working height of 61m, with a maximum horizontal outreach of 36.8m (restricted to 100kg safe working load at maximum outreach). This machine also offers maximum jib length of 8.5m, making it a very popular machine for jobs where access is difficult.


  • Working height – 61m
  • Horizontal outreach – 36.8m (restricted to 100kg)
  • Width stowed – 2.5m
  • Width working – 8.27m
  • Height stowed – 3.9m
  • Length stowed – 12m
  • Gross weight – variable (mounted on 3200kg chassis)
  • Lift capacity – variable (max 600kg)
  • Power source – diesel

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