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Height 8.5m, Fast Tow


State of the art fast tow site and motorway lighting towers.  Fitted with 4 x 300 watt high efficiency LED flood lights, this lighting tower will run up to 167 hours on one tank (100 litres) of fuel.  Designed with a fuel cut-out system, when the fuel runs low the engine will cut out, so all you need to do is fill with more fuel and restart the machine.

The control system on this lighting tower allows you to program the unit on a timer, with auto cut-off and auto start so no operator needs to be in attendance to turn it on/off.  This clever system can also be programmed to be light sensitive like a street lamp so when the natural light starts fading, the LED lighting tower will start up and when it starts to get light again it will switch off, and will repeat for as long as its programmed to, perfect for roadworks and security lighting.

The 8.5m mast rotates 340º, and the 4 LED flood lights can be positioned to your requirements.



  • Mast height – 8.5m
  • Mast rotation – 340º
  • Lamp type – LED
  • Output – 4 x 300 watt
  • Lift system – Hydraulic
  • Engine – diesel
  • Running time – up to 167 hours
  • Tank capacity – 100 litres
  • Auxiliary power take off – 2kva at 230 volt
  • Noise level – 83LWA
  • Certified illuminated area – 4200m²
  • Lumen – 153000Lm
  • Certified wind speed resistance – 110km/hr
  • Stored dimensions – 220 x 140 x 244cm
  • Dry weight – 980kg

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