Cutting Station

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For cutting lengths of pipes safely


The cutting station is a unique unit that is designed to be a designated area for cutting lengths of pipe, conduit and cable trays.  The unit contains an internal light and a 110 volt supply plug for a chop saw.  The cutting station has many health and safety benefits – fire rated sound proofing form to reduce noise polutions, PVC screens to self contain the sparks and a rubber mat to position the chop saw on.  The base of the unit has a lockable store.


  • W / D / H – 1360 x 800 x 1820mm
  • Extended support arms
  • Heavy duty wheels
  • Internal dimensions: Top = 1200x800x850 / Bottom = 1200x770x765
  • Highly secure, 5-lever deadlock 
  • A multi-purpose unit, with a secure cabinet beneath the workbench area
  • 110v power supply and internal sockets and light
  • Sound deadening foam to reduce noise pollution
  • Rubber mat to reduce HAV (Hand-Arm Vibration)
  • Optional extra of an air filtration system

Health & Safety Recommendations

New regulations now require that any on site cutting is carried out in a cutting station.
This model boasts the following features;

  • fire-rated sound deadening foam
  • pvc screens to protect from sparks
  • peace of mind
  • this product also has a lockable cabinet underneath to secure your tools when not in use

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