GML800+20 Material Lift


GML Material Hoist


The new GML800+/500+ lift series redefines the handling of heavy loads in a completely new way. The range offers unparalleled safe working loads for material lifts of this type.

The GML range brings the new development of an electric drive system with it. AC and DC models have powerful electric winches that allow 900 kg to be lifted to a height of 3,50 m and up to 500 kg to a height of 9,10 m at the touch of a button. The manual (M) model range has identical lifting and payload capacities in comparison to the powered range. The worm gear winch comes complete with an adjustable crank handle which, when extended fully, enables heavier loads to be lifted more easily. A truly amazing accessory that can be fitted to the manual range as an optional extra is the 3-step drill kit which can be operated with a crank handle, drill or cordless screwdriver. This totally eliminates the need for manual handling of the winch which saves both time and effort. Safety is an important aspect while handling a payload of 900 kg. We have therefore completely redesigned, widened, reinforced and equipped the mast system with a double safety brake.

The chassis has also been completely redesigned and adapted to the enormous payload. Pulleys, bearings, ropes and many other components are generously dimensioned and designed for durability. In the electric models, limit switches ensure safe working. They switch off the winch at the highest and lowest points. The winch also stops if the tension on the rope is too low.


  • Max lifting height: 6.10m
  • Max payload: 800kg
  • Weight without attachments 382kg
  • Total weight: 600kg
    See downloadable spec for more information

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