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Excavators with Mr Plant Hire

Excavators from Mr Plant Hire PLC

Getting the project can be the easy part but knowing what kit to use is the hardest part, you can spend too much time looking at different types of machines trying to figure out which one is the best one for you and for your project.

KV008 0.8 & 1 Ton Mini Excavator

This Mini Excavator was designed to be able to go through a standard door. The tracks will hydraulically retract to allow access. Super-compact. Highly reliable. The efficient 0.8 Kubota K008, with enhanced operator protection, the super Mini-Excavator is the best choice for tough jobs where space is limited.

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1.5T Mini Diggers

A 1.5t Mini Digger is excellent and known for being compact and versatile, the hydraulic adjustable gauge enables you access around constricted sites. This Digger is useful for landscaping, building and civil engineering projects. These diggers are also known as Mini Excavators. These are generally used for small to medium sized jobs. Not just used for digging, they are also used for demolition purposes too.

3T Mini Diggers

Our 3t digger provides extremely high levels of productivity. This machine is great for working in confined spaces.

The bucket forces and digging depth on this machinery are amongst the best on the market for improved productivity. Whilst being in the driver’s seat, the user-friendly fingertip controls enable the most delicate work to be done quickly and precisely.

The Mini Digger is a quality machine that provides high levels of operator comfort and visibility.

Mini Diggers can be used for the following projects;

  • Digging holes
  • Creating trenches
  • Demolishing sheds or smaller structures
  • Repairing sewer lines
  • Flattening landscape
  • Removing stumps
  • Digging garden ponds
  • Ploughing snow
  • Digging irrigation ditches

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