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At MPH, we understand the importance of reliable air compressors for powering pneumatic tools and equipment on your job site. Our selection of air compressors includes options to suit different needs and applications. Browse our range below for more details:

Our range of air compressors includes:

  • Atlas Copco towable diesel air compressors: These towable compressors are versatile powerhouses capable of simultaneously driving multiple tools. With various CFM ratings available, they are particularly well-suited for demanding tasks such as sandblasting or any application requiring high CFM output.
  • Makita electric air compressor: Compact and efficient, this six litre electric air compressor with a capacity of 6-9 CFM is perfect for smaller-scale projects. Its portable design makes it ideal for tasks like small spray painting jobs or other lightweight applications.


Whether you need the convenience of an electric air compressor or the robust power of a diesel-driven unit, MPH has the right solution for your compressed air needs.


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