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Why you should put money aside for IPAF training and PASMA training in 2019

Last year, 38 people died in the UK from a construction industry accident. Some of these may have been avoided with comprehensive PASMA training.

Around 1/3 of fatal injuries to self-employed workers occur within the construction industry. The only industry to have been responsible for a higher share of fatal accidents among the self-employed is agriculture. If those stats alone aren’t enough to convince you that it’s time to take training seriously, did you know that, as an employer, if an employee dies and your business is responsible, you could find yourself answering to both criminal and civil charges?

Yes, health and safety isn’t something we should take lightly.

PASMA training and IPAF training have been labelled compulsory for handlers of towers and powered access equipment. This means that for cherry picker handling and scissor lifts, your staff should have a valid IPAF licence. Both PASMA and IPAF licences need to be renewed every five years but, you shouldn’t see this as an optional cost. In fact, regular training can bring your business a number of benefits beyond ensuring the safety of your workers.

#1 Offering a good training package can be really appealing to staff.
That means that by offering comprehensive training, you are more likely to attract good staff, and keep your staff too, which means you spend less money and time recruiting new staff and training them from scratch.

#2 Having well trained staff can impress your customers too.
That means you’re more likely to be first in line for any follow up work.

#3 You’ll have all your team members working towards the same goal in the same way.
This means that they are more likely to work faster and deliver better results in a more harmonious manner, which means they are also more likely to be happier at work.

We run IPAF training courses and PASMA training courses throughout the year at our London training centre to help businesses like yours keep their workforce safe and realise the benefits of having a well-trained, compliant team that are up to date with the latest practices in working at height.

To book your IPAF training or PASMA training in London today, contact us on 020 8887 1405.

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