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Welcoming the Manitou 280 TJ, the largest telescopic jib on our books

Two Manitou 280 TJs will be arriving at Mr Plant Hire, Enfield any day now. We’re pretty excited about the arrival of these telescopic jibs with their extensive reach and impressive working load. They will be the largest pieces of equipment we have at Mr Plant Hire.

The 280 TJ has an impressive outreach of 21.45m and height of 27.75m.

With 4x4x4 crab wheel drive, and impressive clearance of 43cm, the 280 TJ will easily be able to clear most challenging terrains.

140º jib tilt, extensive reach, 180º basket rotation and continuous turret rotation, means that once in-situ, the need for further movement of the unit is minimized.

The Manitou 280 TJ can operate on a tilt of 4º and is fitted with an audible and visual alarm that alerts you should the tilt of the Manitou exceeds the safe 4º working limit.

This mighty machine weighs 16,500Kg and can be transported onto site using a 32T HGV 2 vehicle. It can accommodate three personnel (350kg) within a restricted working envelope, but two persons (240kg) unlimited.

With its own on-board generator, there’s no need for a separate noisy generator, saving you time, minimizing complexity and reducing noise levels compared to telescopic jibs that require an external generator.

Key dimensions of the Manitou 280 TJ:

Machine width 2.43m
Machine length 11.35m
Machine height 2.75m

At a glance features: 

  • Outreach of 21.45m
  • Overall height of 27.75m
  • Platform height 25.75m
  • Clearance 43cm
  • 4X4X4 Crab steer
  • 350kgs or three people restricted working envelope, 240kgs unrestricted
  • Secondary guarding
  • On-board generator
  • Continuous rotation

If you’re looking for a telescopic jib that can offer impressive reach and clearance in equal measures, then give us a call on 0844 7790211 to request a quote for hiring the Manitou 280 TJ from Mr Plant Hire, Enfield.

Download the details of the Manitou 280 TJ for hire here.

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