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Self-propelled boom lift or a scissor lift – which one will drive your project in the right direction?

Self-propelled boom lift hire London, Enfield is just one of the areas in which Mr Plant Hire has established a reputation for reliable, cost effective machines and plant hire.

If you aren’t familiar with the term ‘self-propelled boom lift’ you’ll most certainly be familiar with the term ‘cherry picker’ or flying carpet’. These are typically used to refer to a self-propelled boom or scissor lift.

What is a self-propelled boom lift?

A self-propelled boom lift is an aerial platform used to work in high up areas. Typically powered by battery or a diesel generator, they extend to reach over obstacles and provide access to difficult-to-reach areas.

Boom lifts have many different uses beyond the construction industry. They are often seen in window cleaning, construction, cctv, facilities management, electrical and cable repair, and even painting.

Boom lifts can be articulated or telescopic.

Articulated boom lifts have a hinged arm that extends out to reach full height, making them useful for extending over obstacles.

However, telescopic boom lifts are often described as something in-between. They tend to look more like a forklift, but they have the capability to extend up and over things propelling people as opposed to equipment. Their higher weight capacities mean that telescopic boom lifts often come into their own when it comes to lifting materials in high or hard-to-reach areas.

Why choose a self-propelled boom lift over a scissor lift?

Whilst scissor lifts are well known for their stability, self-propelled boom lifts offer a better degree of flexibility over scissor lifts, as they can be maneuvered more easily with their long extending arms giving better access to hard-to-reach areas.

Boom lifts also tend to reach higher than scissor lifts, with some boom lifts extending to reach an impressive 185ft compared to a much more modest maximum height of 60ft among scissor lifts.

With smaller platforms than scissor lifts, telescopic boom lifts can be more generous than their articulated counterparts.

At Mr Plant Hire, self-propelled boom lift hire London, Enfield can be arranged by the day, or for longer periods, so you don’t have to have machinery sitting around paying finance whilst it isn’t being used when you rent a machine from Mr Plant Hire, making plant hire with us more cost effective than owning you own equipment.

To arrange your self-propelled boom lift hire in London, Enfield, please contact us on 0844 779 0211 today.

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