Manitou 200ATJ E

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Manitou 200ATJ E an aerial lift solution with high-performance and all-terrain elevation with the Manitou 200ATJ E 100% electric! Equipped transmission bridges, this Manitou model has all the features to facilitate your work at height: galvanized spacious work platform, durable chassis design, high ground clearance, active oscillating axle, 4WD, unique load capacity for an articulated boom, 4 simultaneous movements… Enjoy this performance to optimize your operations on rough terrain, uneven or muddy ground. The articulated Manitou 200ATJ E electric MEWP allows you to work safely up to 20 meters in height, outdoor or indoor thanks to the 100% electric engine and operation without CO2 emissions.

You can click on the following link to view a in-depth video provided to you by Manitou going into detail what makes this machine special and separates it from the rest including what the name means, where it can be used and if the job you’re doing suits this machine. Click HERE to watch today.

Manitou 200ATJ E Specification

Platform weight*
7100 kg

Platform dimensions (length x width)
1.5 m x 0.75 m

Overall width
2.32 m

Overall length
8.34 m

Overall height
2.46 m

Overall length (stowed)
6.06 m

Overall height (stowed)
2.71 m

Floor height (access)
0.4 m

Counterweight offset (turret at 90°)
0.64 m

Internal turning radius (over tyres)
2.42 m

External turning radius
5.31 m

Ground clearance at centre of wheelbase
0.38 m

2.3 m

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