Armorgard DuctRack™ DR2


Certified to carry up to 1000 kg


This is the brand new Armorgard DuctRack™ DR2, purposely built to move Ducting around site safely, and securely. With its Specialised wheel layout this ensures good stability, and a compact turning circle. The Armorgard DuctRack has a SWL of 1000kgs therefore saving you time against having to do multiple loads to and from your storage area. When not in use, the item can be folded down and stacked when not in use. Unlike any other type of DuctRack the Armorgard DuctRack comes fitted with a Deadman’s handle break to ensure that the load is always under control to prevent accidents that can be caused when the load can run away from you when operating on slopes. The built in material covers at both ends help to protect workers against any sharp edges.


  • Available in two sizes, the DuctRack™ is a robust rack for safely storing, transporting, and protecting long loads of pipe or ductwork.
  • Built-in material cover reduces dust ingress and protects workers from sharp edges.
  • Featuring the SafeStop™ deadman braking system for ultimate user safety.
  • Unit can be folded down and stacked when not in use.
  • Specialised wheel layout ensures good stability and a compact turning circle.
  • Heavy-duty powder coat for maximum durability.
  • Mesh base for carrying smaller parts.
  • Optional shelf and side kits improve storage capacity.
  • Patent-pending design.

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