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Mr Plant Hire First Rental Company In UK To Take Peco Lifts In From JLG Directly

Enfield based Mr Plant Hire has reinforced its reputation as one of the UK’s leaders in powered access hire with the acquisition of a new fleet of 1.5M Peco & 2.2M Ecolifts. They are the first rental company in the UK to take delivery of these directly from JLG since they acquired Power Tower back in late 2015 and are in the JLG original orange/cream colours.

Why Peco & Eco lifts hire is so popular

Peco & Eco Lifts are one of the most popular powered access hire options in the UK because they are such good work horses  across a wide range of uses and sectors including:

  • The Construction industry, where they are ideal for finishing work and multi-story projects
  • The mechanical, electrical and HVAC contracting sectors
  • Facility Maintenance, for: cleaning, painting, decorating and general building maintenance in offices, schools, hospitals, institutional and industrial maintenance

The JLG stamp of quality

Power Towers, a JLG owned subsidiary, designs and manufactures its range of low- level powered access products 100% in the UK. Constant product evolution and development ensures users benefit from the latest technologies.

JLG products are simple, safe, easy and efficient to use. They dramatically reduce working hours when compared with mechanical manual alternatives.

With the efficiencies gained by utilising class leading platform sizes combined with small working footprints, the JLG range is now specified by many of the leading construction and hire companies in the UK, Europe and the Middle East.

The Ecolift Patented Power Store Mechanism

JLG calls it ‘Non-Powered, Powered Access.’

Battery and electric power free, the Peco & Eco lifts is elevated by simply and easily rotating the handle; the patented lift mechanism glides you smoothly to your chosen working height in seconds.

With no batteries (to charge and look after) and no hydraulic oil the Peco & Eco lift is truly an Environmentally friendly solution. It’s tiny footprint and simplicity of use finally provides a purely mechanical solution that doesn’t involve erecting, unfolding or climbing.

 Key Features

  • Intuitive to operate – turn handle to elevate n Patented* lift mechanism so no power is required
  • Lightweight, easy to manoeuvre
  • A Small footprint (985mm x 700mm)
  • Unlimited lift cycles, can be used 24/7
  • Robust design for years of trouble free service
  • Minimal operational costs, virtually maintenance free

Introducing the new Wind Rated version

The Peco & Eco lift is a revolutionary approach to low-level access and the Wind Rated version further enhances this concept by enabling outdoor use in environments that require enhanced stability such as ‘open walled’ building or outdoor applications in winds up to 12.5m/s. In addition,  the Wind Rated models can be operable on gradients up to 3º.

Key Features

    • Operable on gradients up to 3º and in winds up to 12.5m
    • Intuitive to operate – turn handle to elevate n Patented* lift mechanism, no power required
    • Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre
    • Small footprint (1.10m x 1.10m)
    • Unlimited lift cycles, can be used 24/7


Mr Plant Hire – for all your powered access hire needs

These JLG Peco & Eco lifts are just one offering in Mr Plant Hire’s comprehensive range of powered access hire in the Londonarea.

Contact Us now to discuss your particular needs, whether you are looking for Scissor Lifts, Boom Lifts, Mast Lifts or Spider Lifts.

And, if you are unsure of the equipment you require for your height and requirements, why not take advantage of our Site Survey service.

To check prices quickly, Mr Plant Hire also offers a two hour response “Fast Quote Service” during office hours, or why not download the Mr plant Hire App for free!

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