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How to choose the right digger hire for your job?

You will typically find a wide choice of diggers available for hire for all sorts of digging or demolition jobs and the choice can often be bewildering, so we’ve come up with a handy checklist to help you decide the right digger to hire for you:

• How big is the job?
Will a mini (0.8-1.5 ton) digger be big enough? Mini diggers are just as good for home or garden projects as smaller construction jobs across a huge variety of tasks from digging ditches or holes, to demolishing small structures, like sheds or for garden landscaping tasks like creating ponds, removing stumps or creating plant beds or ponds. However, you will need to opt for larger digger hire for bigger jobs

• Is there plenty of space in which to manoeuvre the digger?
If not, then mini digger hire will be your best option when working in restricted spaces because of their size and because the cabs can usually rotate in a full circle.

• What attachments might you need?
Depending on the excavator model, there should be a range of attachment specifications available when taking out digger hire – from buckets and compact plates to rippers, augers and compaction wheels, to cater for all sorts of jobs.

• What type of terrain will you be working over?
Diggers can come with wheels, or steel or rubber tracks. Mini diggers, for example, can often offer all options. Wheels are best on a solid, smooth surface, like concrete or roads or over warehouse floors. Whereas, tracks are better in rough terrain such as gravel, grass, dirt tracks or rocky terrain. Mini excavator tracks will adapt to rough terrain or smoother, more fragile surfaces. Steel tracks are best for rougher terrain and rubber tracks will help limit damage to surfaces susceptible to damage.

Mr Plant Hire’s extensive excavator hire range

Our range of mini excavators starts at a 0.8 ton, which will go through a standard door opening, and then progresses up to 5 ton excavators and 13 ton machines.

All our range has the option to be fitted with hydraulic peckers and your choice of buckets. If the machines need to travel over fragile areas, our trakmat ground protection is a must.

If you hire any digger (even a mini one) it is important to remember that, operators still need training in how to use the controls and manoeuvre the vehicle and attachments before they can use them. This is why all our excavators are also available with qualified operators.

Whether you need to hire a microdigger, micros excavator or mini digger in London, Mr Plant Hire (Enfield) can offer you quality reliable excavators at a sensible price. Contact us now or get a fast quote.

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