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How to choose the best PASMA training centre

Each year, around 60,000 people receive PASMA trainingPASMA courses are extremely well respected within the construction industry, with an emphasis on safety and effective work practices. But with so many PASMA training centres dotted across the UK, how do you decide which is the best for you?

  1. Location. Perhaps you’re trying to fit your PASMA training around your existing workload. If so, the key will be to find a centre that is as close to work or home as possible. Alternatively, you and your colleagues might want to go away somewhere to undertake your PASMA courses, enabling team bonding to take place while you learn. If so, pick a location that offers good amenities so that your team can have fun and build good relationships.
  2. Type of course. The Towers for Users course is extremely popular, but there are plenty of PASMA courses to choose from. Make sure you pick the right course for you, giving you the training you need at the appropriate level.
  3. Price. PASMA training varies in price, depending on the course and the centre you choose. Find out how much it will cost and what is included in the price. Find out if any group discounts apply if several of you are taking the same course at the same time.
  4. Accreditation. Make sure the centre you choose is PASMA accredited. All accredited PASMA training centres are audited annually to ensure they continue to meet its stringent standards, so make sure the one you pick is among these.
  5. Job prospects. Perhaps you’re just about to apply for a job assembling, using, inspecting or dismantling towers. In this case, the Towers for Users course is likely to give your application a major boost. Find out which PASMA courses prospective employers are looking out for before you start applying and find a centre that offers the relevant course if you need additional training.

PASMA courses at Mr Plant Hire

We welcome thousands of trainees each year to our fully accredited PASMA training centre in London. Mr Plant Hire plc will also train on site if required.

Easy to get to and fully equipped, our PASMA courses are taught by qualified and experienced course leaders. As well as giving participants an extra asset to add to their CVs, we give attendees the skills and experience they need to do an excellent job, and to do it in the safest way possible.

Contact Mr Plant Hire today to find out more about our PASMA courses.

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