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Fatal fall from roof results in Jail sentence

A recent report in Construction Index on 15 February 2017 highlights once again how important IPAF training and PASMA trainingis for everybody who works in the construction industry.

In this case, two workers from a roofing company had replaced a flat roof and were installing cladding and flashing around the top of the building to seal the edges. One was holding the cladding sheets in position from a ladder footed by his colleague and climbed onto the roof while the other secured the sheets and the flashing from the roof.  The former worker climbed up onto the roof and sadly suffered a fatal fall.

A joint investigation carried out by the local police and the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) found that the work was not properly planned to ensure it could be carried out safely. There were no measures in place, such as scaffold edge protection, to prevent falls from the edges of the roof.

The HSE declared the dangers of working at height to be well known and that, by failing to have suitable edge protection installed around the building, workers were put at risk and ultimately costing a life.

Such incidents highlight how important it is for all those working at height, to put safety first and be properly trained so that they are using the right equipment for the job and know how to use it properly.

Mr Plant Hire – first for IPAF and PASMA training for the London area

The 2005 At Height Regulations state that all users of mobile access towers are required to have had appropriate training for the safe assembly, alteration, dismantling or relocation for this type of equipment. PASMA Certificates are nationally recognised. We frequently run PASMA training courses including the PASMA Towers for Users and Low Level Access (Combined) course.

Mr Plant Hire has been an IPAF member since 1997, supplying training to the highest standards. We can train PAV, 1B, 3A, 3B for scissor lifts, boom lifts (cherry pickers), static and mobile MEWPS and Safety Harness courses. Locations include, North London or North Wales Training Schools, or if more convenient, on your site premises.

Call Mr Plant Hire now on 0844-55 55 551 or visit for more information or click here to for the latest IPAF and PASMA training course availability.

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