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Demand for London housing has been building and so are new home builders

Over the last few years we’ve seen a demand for new homes and, this summer, it has been confirmed that new home builders are making steps towards meeting this demand. In July 2018 more than 15,800 new homes were registered to be built, which is an increase of 35% on July of the previous year.

In the private sector, 12,087 homes were registered this year, compared to just 8,421 the year before. Houses registered in the affordable sector totaled 3,782, a more moderate rise on 3,362 from the previous year.

London experienced an impressive 86% increase in house builds which seems to have been generated largely by the rise in housing association and private rental builds registered.

It’s about time demands are met though, particularly as the start of the year presented some adverse weather conditions that meant that housing and construction got off to a slow start.

It isn’t just London that is spotting encouraging signs of growth. 8 out of the 12 regions that make up the UK have seen a similar increase in the number of housing registrations this summer, so it’s looking like the upturn could be the start of a nationwide trend.

Of course, if your books are full and you’re having to take on new staff, those initial stages of growth can be difficult. Having the cash flow to invest in more workers and plant and equipment can be challenging. However, plant hire is a great way to enable your company to benefit from the building upturn, delivering more construction services than you would normally be able to, without forking out high levels of capital investment.

Using a reputable Plant hire company is a safer way to attain the equipment and machinery you need whilst we wait to see which way the industry is heading, and whether the long-term demand will be there to warrant an outright purchase. If you did of course, we offer second hand plant and equipment for sale in London, at unbeatable prices.

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