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Dehumidifiers for drying flooded properties in London and the South East

In case you thought the demand for drying equipment in London was over, this week has seen yet more torrential rainfall sweep the nation.

Flash flooding brought parts of London and the South East to a halt, meaning Homeowners have been left in dire straits as homes have been flooded, some for the second time in the last three years.

It isn’t just flooded homeowners that suffer from the vast amounts of rain. Builders and building projects can also struggle as they fight to get a roof on a property they’re building. If substantial rainfall catches them out, they too can need to dry out the property before it becomes habitable.

However, Mr Plant Hire, Enfield has a range of drying equipment in London available for hire all year ‘round.


We have a range of electric and gas heaters available to hire, so whether you just need a 3KW box heater for a small room or an ultra-efficient Infrared workshop warmer, we have the right heating equipment for you.


If you’re drying out a small area of plaster, then our BD1000 240v dehumidifiers will be right up your street.

However, for those more ambitious drying challenges, our Andrews Drying HD500 dehumidifiers can extract an impressive 34 litres over a 24 hour period. This makes it the perfect option for drying out building sites and flood-damaged properties.

Carpet Dryers

Whilst carpets damaged by flood water should be disposed of, as flood water is often a carrier of dirty water from sewers and rivers, a carpet that’s wet from a domestic pipe burst can sometimes be salvaged.

We have floor and carpet dryers available to hire from our Mr Plant Hire, London, Enfield site. These machines improve air flow across the surface of the carpet or flooring, encouraging moisture to evaporate up and out of the damaged materials.

These are also perfect for those who may have cleaned their carpet and are struggling to get it dry.

We have great rates and long and short-term hire options available. So, if you’d like to hire a dryer or dehumidifier, give us a call on 0844 779 0211 and a member of our friendly team will be happy to advise you on the best equipment for your needs. Or, if you know exactly what you are looking for, you can get a quote quickly and easily on the Mr Plant Hire app.

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