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Attending PASMA Training Courses to Meet Legal Requirements

PASMA (Prefabricated access suppliers’ and manufacturers’ association) courses follow the most up to date Work at Height Regulations and the Health and Safety at Work Act. PASMA training courses provide attendees with the necessary skills and knowledge to work safely in environments where there may be potential harm or danger. Mr Plant Hire London are an approved PASMA training centre.

To comply with the Work at Height Regulations 2005, training must be given for any work activity where there is a need to control a risk of falling a distance that could cause injury. This regulation is a legal requirement for employers.

Mr Plant Hire have a PASMA training centre based in London, however PASMA training can be delivered nationally if required. All successful attendees receive a PASMA certificate and card, valid for 5 years and the most widely recognised access qualification in the UK. There are several PASMA training courses available depending on the requirements.

Towers for Users

The PASMA access tower course is a one day course specifically designed for operators who assemble, move, dismantle and inspect mobile access towers. This course will involve both theory and practical assessments and there are no particular previous qualifications required to take this PASMA training course, however attendees would benefit from a basic understanding of working at height and the issues they could encounter. On completion of the course, users will receive the latest version of the PASMA Code of Practice. Not only is it a source of useful information for tower operators, managers or health and safety advisors, it is a recap of all the practices and procedures learned on the PASMA course.

Combined PASMA Training Courses

Mr Plant Hire London, offer the Combined Lower Level Access and Towers for Users Course. Like the Towers for Users PASMA course it covers the assembly, movement and assessment of mobile access towers, with the addition of low level access units. Low level units are equipment such as folding step units or folding tower units where no specific assembly is required. This course is ideal if access methods are frequent to change. The combined course provides a completion certificate and PASMA card, valid for 5 years.

The Combined PASMA training course provides attendees with a clear understanding of the current legislation and regulations. Assessment is completed with both practical and theory sessions, and the course is available to anyone who might need to use or work with mobile access towers and low level units.

PASMA Training Courses Requirements

No formal qualifications are needed to attend a PASMA training course, however part of the course assessment is to be able to read and understand safety notices, instruction manuals and any legal documents involved with working at height. Literacy and language comprehension are essential.
Some aspects of working with mobile access towers can be physically demanding, users should be physically fit and in good health. If an operative has eyesight or hearing issues, balance problems, epilepsy or any form of illness that could impair their ability to work safely, it is important to let the PASMA training team know.

Other courses

In addition to the PASMA training courses, Mr Plant Hire offer IPAF Training and several other training courses, either at the Training Centre in London or at site premises or other location.

  • Safety Harness Training
  • Abrasive Wheels
  • Asbestos Awareness Training
  • Confined Space Awareness

For more information or to book any of the PASMA training or other courses, please visit the booking page for availability, prices and to book your space.

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