Welding Accessories

If welding you may need to hire or purchase some of the following: welder’s bench, welding clamps, welding mask, welding gauntlets, rods etc.

Makes an excellent work station

Work Bench With Chain Vice

Unfolds to give a stable work bench

Welding Bench

Clamps pipework together for welding

Welding Clamp

14 metre with din plugs

Welding Lead

Fitted with a standard 41/4 x 31/4 shade 10 lens

Welding Mask
Welding Rods

Collapsible screen to segregate the work areas

Welding Screen

Shelters to protect the work area

Welding Tent 2M X 2M And 3M X 3M

Water, Foam , ABC Powder, CO2

Fire Extinguishers

A highly visible safety trolley

Fire Point Trolley

Will hold pipes for threading, cutting & screwing

Chain Tripod Vice 152mm (6") Bsp

Easy to erect and easy to collapse

Folding Gas Cage